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Welcome to Bienetre Heritage

Turning Your Spa Vision into Reality

When you put in the hard work your body works hard for you. Massage is just one way to help ready your body to take on more task everyday. At-home care and complementary therapies make a Bienetre  membership the total body care experience you deserve.

Regular skin care treatments help increase cell regeneration and improve skin health to diminish fine lines, wrinkles and skin conditions, so you can get even more of those compliments you love.

It’s easy to forget everything your body does for you every day. It deserves this time and so do you. Schedule a session at Bienetre Spa or our  affiliated or franchised Spas in major hotels near you to get started on your well-being journey.

Our Services

Bienetre Onsite Spa

We offer a specialized packaged contract for major hotels to enable them worry less about running their spas and in return get proper returns on their investment. At bienetre we specialize in delivering a full spectrum of proven-effective solutions to attract and retain clients in majority of the spa that we run for major hotels in Kenya. We are continuously looking to partner with major hotels in Kenya to expand a mutual symbiosis relationship which will enable both us and the hotels to benefit fully when we run their Spa effectively.

Spa Couching

We at Bienetre are a leading Spa experts in Kenya offering Spa couching for all interested parties who want to polish their skills and scale their professionalism in the Spa industry to greater heights. We offer human resources who are ready to work in Spa upon training them in our Bienetre College.

Call us and let us train your Spa staff or offer workshops for them to polish their skills.

Herbal Spa Products

Natural Spa Products

Bienetre Heritage offers exceptionally natural products that are skin friendly for most types of skins and hence can be used effectively in the Spa industry.

Our Bienetre Spa Pricelist

Your Ticket To Wellness

Facial massage

Kshs 300

Head & Shoulder Massage

Kshs 500

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